**** DEREHAM TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW **** On Friday September 21st we return to Dereham Memorial Hall with a spectacular evening of wrestling mayhem! The last 2 shows there have been a sell out so make sure you pickFSW DEREHAM TICKETS ON SALE NOW

  • WWE UK Star Joseph Conners comes to FSW


      FSW ‘FIGHT or FLIGHT’! Falling Starr Wrestling returns to Lynnsport in Kings Lynn on August 11th with their biggest show ever entitled ‘FIGHT or FLIGHT’! The show will feature special guest wrestler, ...

    WWE UK Star Joseph Conners comes to FSW
  • Heacham Tickets for July 28th are on Sale Now!


    SPECTACULAR WRESTLING ACTION IN HEACHAM Live wrestling action returns Heacham Sport & Social Club on Saturday July 28th as the high-flying, body-slamming, larger-then-life wrestlers of Falling Starr Wrestling come to town! Pac ...

    Heacham Tickets for July 28th are on Sale Now!
  • Live wrestling action in Swanton Morley


    Live Wrestling Action in Swanton Morley We’re back at Swanton Morley Village Hall on March 31st for more wrestling mayhem!! Returning to one of our favorite venues, the Swanton Morley Village Hall, we have an action packed s ...

    Live wrestling action in Swanton Morley

About Us

Falling Starr Wrestling is one of Britain’s premier professional wrestling companies promoting shows and running a wrestling training academy with growing acclaim.

Our shows mix traditional British wrestling, highflying action and colorful characters creating dynamic and exciting family friendly wrestling entertainment. Our roster consists of top names from around the UK alongside home grown talent from our highly successful wrestling academy.


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